Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 4

I have a bit of catching up to do with blogging this project. I am so proud of myself for staying completely caught up with Project Life so far this year - I just haven't been so good about blogging it! So I'll share Week 4 at least today and try to get my Week 5 posted soon!

Week 4 is probably my favorite week in my Project Life Album so far!! I just love all the color and fun bits and pieces! Here's a look at the whole 2-page spread with insert:

I added a special insert this week, a trimmed down 8.5x11 protector containing a fun mask Dean made at school to celebrate Chinese New Year. Insider the protector, behind the mask, I slipped a clipping from our local newspaper, a story they wrote about the big Chinese New Year celebration and Lion Dance Dean's elementary school put on that week.

Here's a look at both main Week 4 pages with the insert removed:

And now for a few close-ups. Product links are at the end of this post. It was a fun, full week around here! The left-hand page has a few photos from our trip out to Lahaina on Sunday when we went to Barnes & Noble and had lunch at Teddy's (Joel's favorite burger place on the island) before heading to Front Street so I could pick up some Lush essentials. We finished our outing with some ice cream at the ocean's edge right in front of the Old Lahaina Courthouse down by Banyan Tree Park - it was such a fun day!

I used lots of colorful products this week from a new digi find from Miss Tina's Live Free Love Life collection (links below). I attempted my first batch of homemade applesauce in the new Vitamix (SUCCESS!!). I love that this project allows me to include a little bag from my beloved Lush (the colors were perfect!).

I journaled a bit about the homework battle we've been having most days (I don't want to talk about it). And I found a fun free Chinese New Year wallpaper that I just printed out and included in one of the 4x6 pockets along with our fortune cookie fortunes from our oh-so-authentic Chinese dinner we had from Panda Express takeout to celebrate Chinese New Year! ;-)

And now the right-hand page. I captured a few truly "everyday" moments this week - Jamba Wednesday, making homemade pizzas for dinner Friday night, what each of us is reading right now. Love that.:

One of the first things is a 4x6 photo collage of pics from Dean's school's Chinese New Year celebration. I left one of the photo layers blank (filled with a solid digi paper) and then just journaled there. I think that worked fine.

I'm also loving these fun new journal card inserts from Cathy Zielske! I used this "awesome" one to journal about a sweet visit from Dean's former neighborhood babysitter, Sarah, who moved off-island a year and a half ago. Sarah and Dean have a really special bond and he misses her so much! We were so excited to spend some time with Sarah Saturday when she was in town for the weekend visiting family.

Seriously, LOVE this photo of Dean and Sarah. And I added some little filler stuff to the bottom right 4x6 pocket.

And finally, I used one of Cathy Zielske's Journal Cards to create our Week in Review on a 4x6 card this week. I really like how this turned out and will most likely be doing this more instead of on the 3x4 cards. We'll see.

So that's Week 4! My Week 5 is much less colorful, more of a black and white monochromatic thing, but I love it too! I'll share it ASAP. And now I'm halfway through Week 6 and already have a few things tucked into pockets!! YAY for being caught up!! :-)

If you're looking for some Project Life inspiration, Steph has put together a great Project Life Blog Roll of bloggers who are doing and sharing Project Life HERE. Thanks Steph!!

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Stephanie Kraft said...

LOVE your week 4 spread, Jen! SO many great elements and documenting! Dean's mask is VERY cool!