Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Project Life, 2013, Week 29

Week 29: July 14 - July 20, 2013

Trying to get my posts back in order, but I think it's hopeless for this year. Sorry I've been sharing these layouts so randomly! I am now officially caught up in my album - I finished up my Week 39 layout Sunday afternoon (it feels SO GOOD to have stayed mostly caught up this entire year!). Now my goal is to get caught up with my blog posts this month, then maybe finally get around to sharing my 2012 December Daily album, and then sometime in November share my prep work for this year's December Daily so I can possibly share those pages as I work on the album. We'll see how it goes - all of that sounds a bit ambitious for me as far as sharing goes. Ha!

So anyway, on to Week 29...

It was a pretty mellow week around here. We were in the last few weeks of Summer Break for Dean (School started here in Hawaii the first of August). We tried (again) to ride his bike - still a no-go to this day. The kid is just not interested in learning to ride a bike, no matter how bad his parents want him to learn! Oh well. This is proving to be a good lesson for Joel and I in parenting and letting go of our own ideas of what and when things are "supposed to" happen and just letting Dean be Dean. It's a hard lesson.  We all did a lot of nothing around here this week too - TV watching, I started a new crochet project (at the time I really didn't know how to crochet either, so that was interesting! LOL), and we did a lot of reading. I didn't have many pictures by the end of the week, so I had some space to fill. I accomplished this by using an online stock photo from a documentary we watched on TV that week, taking a photo of the yarn I was using for my new crochet project, taking a photo of my craft space (where I spent quite a bit of time that week), and using another online stock photo - this time of the cover of a book I finished reading. It ended up all working out just fine.

As for products, you'll of course notice my go-to Seafoam Kit cards by Becky Higgins. I also used several printables from Emily Merritt - always some of my faves! along with bits and pieces of Elle's Studio goodies. I think overall, despite the lack of actual photos of us, the layout captures the feel of our week pretty well. I'm happy with it.

And speaking of December Daily, have you all seen all the crazy amounts of Holiday / Christmas products in stock over at Two Peas!? How in the world will I ever decide what to buy? Are you doing DD this year? What products are you using? Are you using a kit or items from your stash or buying individual new stuff or what? I think I'm going to use a mix of items from my stash (which is way bigger than it should be, I need to thin it out - maybe I should do some blog candy to get rid of some stuff??), Studio Calico's Magical Collection, and Elle's Studio Noel Collection.

And now some stats, because I think it's fun when Elise Cripe does this, so I thought I'd start as well:

Ratio of photos taken by Jen to photos taken by Joel: 7 to 1
Ratio of Galaxy S4 Phone Photos to "real camera" photos: 8 to 0

I will be sharing a link to this post on The Mom Creative blog.

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sarah said...

i love the aquas in this layout...and the yarn of course!!