Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sweet Sunday, etc

PSYCH!! ha ha! (FYI - "psych" is my 2nd most overused phrase retained from my childhood in the 80's, coming in just behind "rad" - a little something about me that drives my husband crazy!!). Actually, I do have a Sweet Sunday card to share with you, along with a MoJo Monday Card from last week, an Embellish Magazine Challenge card, and some news about Clear and Simple Stamps' CHA release - but our internet has been out at home all weekend, so none of my stuff made it into actual posts. I'm actually using my phone to type this up, which should cause you to be very impressed, because I don't type on my phone (even though it's one of those fancy Android phones) - I'm pretty sure the problem is it's smarter than I am! Anyway, because I just know you've all been sitting at home all weekend biting your nails, worrying about me and wondering what's happened, afraid to leave your houses in case you miss my next post (oh man! I really do crack myself up sometimes!!), I thought I'd give you an update. I do have lots to share and I'll get it all posted as soon as my friendly Oceanic Time Warner Cable Technician decides to grace me with his/her presence (hopefully Monday afternoon)!!!


Justine said...

You are too funny, I am so glad you knew the agony I was experiencing and decided to ease my anxiety just a touch. Please hurry the pins and needles that I sit upon are beginning to pierce through my bony arse!!! Damn Time Warner for ruining my Monday cup of coffee!!

Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

hahaha!!!! Phew!!! Now I can go and get me a drink and something to eat!!!.. Can't wait to see your Fabulous creations!!!.

xx Sarah

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh...good thing you posted this from your phone...i was getting ready to ride my bike to your house to make sure everything is okay!! are a total dork!!