Saturday, May 18, 2013

Project Life 2013, Week 18

Hi there Project Lifers! I can't seem to blog as often as I intend, but today I'm going to share my Week 18. This was a really rough week for us and I kept things pretty simple. Actually, when I go back through my albums, I tend to prefer my simpler layouts more anyway. Here's a look at the full layout:

I used a few items from the Becky Higgins Seafoam kit mixed with more Emily Merritt goodies. I love the way the whole spread looks together. This week ended up having a really cohesive feel as far as color and product. Here's a closer look at the left side of the layout:

The beginning of the week (Sunday mostly) had us finishing up a small home improvement project - basically just repainting our old hand-me-down front lanai furniture that was getting pretty flaked and starting to rust in spots. So there are photos of that project as well as Dean watching some Phineas and Ferb on the computer. I really like including photos like that for a few reasons - not only did I capture a little pop culture by way of the TV show my kid likes right now, but you get to see a glimpse of things like current technology (my iMac computer monitor) and my crafting area where I spend a lot of time. The other photo on this page is of Dean inhaling some fresh mango, which are in season here. So moving on to the products I used... Seafoam 4x6 card for my "anchor card" along with the Word Art Titles from September Blue to mark the week. A couple of 3x4 filler cards from the Seafoam kit, the "yeah" speech bubble is from Thumbs Way Up by Emily Merritt and the "Love" 3x4 filler card is from the Wow Mom collab by Emily Merritt and Splendid Fiins. I used some Studio Calico printable labels and added an Atlantic Glittered Star Sticker to one of the photos (love that little extra embellishment).

And the right side of the page, where things get a little difficult...

Dean's cat Hoku tragically died that Thursday morning (he was hit by a car right in front of our house). Luckily, our sweet neighbor recognized Hoku and called me early enough that Joel was able to move the cat out of the street (shame on whoever hit him and didn't even stop!) so Dean didn't find him as we left for school. We were able to get Dean off to school without him knowing, but I wasn't able to work that day - I was too upset. Hoku was the sweetest kitty I've ever had (and I've had A LOT of cats in my life - growing up, my Mom was known as the local "cat lady"! ha!). Hoku was a "bribe" for Dean when he was seriously 4 years old and still using a binky at night and naptime. We had tried everything to get rid of it and one day he flat out told us "I'll stop using my binky if you get me a baby kitten". Little stinker. But it was a deal (that actually totally backfired on us as far as getting rid of the binky goes, but that's another story). Off to the Humane Society we went and Dean got to pick out the kitty himself. He immediately picked Hoku and they were best buds from then on. It was heartbreaking having to tell Dean what had happened after school Thursday (I journaled about the experience on the 3x4 "If I had Superpowers" card from the My Inventory pack by Emily Merritt). He took it really hard and we had a pretty rough weekend around here. Dean journaled about his own feelings (he was brief and to the point) on the 3x4 "Today I Feel..." card from the Check The Box Cards No. 1 pack. On other photos on this half of the layout I used the pink Sunrise Printed Chipboard Thickers by Studio Calico and one of my new faves - a piece of the Atlantic Burnished Circles Wood Veneer. More sticker labels and date stamps and it was done.

So that's it for Week 18! Week 19 is also done and in the album and I've actually even started on the first part of Week 20 (I have my pictures and journaling from Mother's Day done). It feels SO GOOD to be caught up! How are you doing on your own album this year? Caught up or behind?

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Alyssa S said...

:( So sorry for your families loss. Another wonderful finished week though!