Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Project Life 2013, Week 20

Is anyone else happy it's Summer Break? I might be singing a different tune in a few weeks, but for now I'm so excited to have my kiddo home! I work part-time - 3 days a week - so during the summer Dean gets to spend lots of time with my Mom, or "Tutu". I work Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so Dean spends the night with Tutu on Monday nights during the summer and they spend lots of time at the beach. It's a tough life for a 6-yr-old! But I get him all to myself Wednesday and Friday (and then the weekends are full of family time). The great thing about Project Life is that it's really made me aware of how quickly time passes by. I'm so so glad that I'm doing this project - it's helped me to really appreciate the normal, day to day life so much more. I think before I kind of just cruised through the day to day without really paying that much attention - it was just "filler" between the big events. But ever since I started doing Project Life, I realize how that "filler" is really what life is all about. It's what really "fills" my weeks and months and years and it's the stuff I really want to remember. So yeah. Lots of "filler" this summer. Just normal, everyday life.

So anyway, Week 20. May 12-May 18, 2013. For me, this included Mother's Day, which took up much of the first half of my layout. Joel took my Mom and I to a yummy breakfast buffet at Mala, a fancy restaurant in Wailea. Also going on this week - Dean and I enjoyed a random Tuesday evening sunset at the beach when I picked him up from my Mom's after work. And Saturday afternoon Joel and I had a rare Date Night (err, late afternoon) at Maui Brewer's Festival at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center. We both agreed this was an event we don't need to ever attend again. For one thing, I am not a beer drinker (unlike my husband, who can always appreciate a good brew) and for another, neither of us is big on crowds and this place was PACKED. The food was excellent and Joel got to try a lot of rare craft beer from all over the country, but yeah. Not really our thing. We're too anti-social. ;-)

So looking at the left side of my layout, I used a few different things. I used both the Seafoam and Jade Project Life kits (the "anchor" card is from Seafoam while the yellow chevron journal card and the "these are the days" cards are from the Jade kit).

Both the "Mommy" card and the orange "Mother's Day" card are from the April Studio Calico PL kit. I added a few different things that I love to my pages this week. First the Word Art Titles to mark the week number, from September Blue. The yellow stamped {heart} this circle stamp is from a stamp set designed for Studio Calico by Hello Forever. I'm not sure if it came in a kit or how long I've had it. (sorry). The "Remember This" stamp on the bottom right photo is from Evalicious. It's one of my favorite stamps to use on photos these days. The little yellow "moments" circle on the same bottom right photo is from the Day to Day Tidbits by Elle's Studio.

And looking closer at the right side of the layout:

On the top left photo, the "here & now" strip is a Studio Calico printable. The You & Me wood veneer is from the Atlantic Burnished Circles Wood Veneer by Studio Calico.  The yellow 4x6 journal card I used in the top right pocket under our tickets from Beer Fest is from the Jade PL kit, as is the teal 3x4 card I used under the Billabong tag I kept from a new pair of boardshorts we bought Dean that week. I added a few more little bits and pieces from various Elle's Studio kits (I've kind of been hoarding them and need to start using them). On the bottom left photo I used a fun "The Good Life" stamp by Evalicious as well as a piece of Atlantic Cork Stickers. I also added a fun aqua arrow paperclip from Freckled Fawn, who has a TON of other fun colors available as well (I really want them in every single color!).

And that's it for Week 20. I think I say this almost every week, but this ended up being one of my favorite layouts so far for 2013 - I loved all the colors and used just the right amount of embellishments to highlight but not overwhelm the photos.

ETA: I am linking this post over on The Mom's Creative blog.

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