Saturday, May 17, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Weeks 9 & 10

Well hi there! It's been over a month since I blogged - a very busy month with a week-long trip to Disneyland, Joel finishing up his first year of grad school, lots of end-of-the-year activities going on at school for Dean, etc etc. So I have a bit of catching up to do with sharing Project Life here on the blog. I also have a few non-Project Life posts planned soon, so we'll see how that goes.

Week 9: February 23 - March 1, 2014:

This was the week I spent a long weekend on Oahu - the purpose of the trip was Continuing Education (Vestibular Rehab - which is basically Physical Therapy treatment of vertigo and balance disorders), but I made it a longer than necessary trip so I could hang out with Aunty Les and do some shopping (she took me to several really nice yarn shops and a Korean store and I spent lots of time at Ala Moana). I also got to meet my Instagram friend Erin. While I was gone, Joel and Dean went rollerblading and generally made a mess of the house. 

For product, I used the Sunshine Core Kit along with a few Emily Merritt products - Happy Place, Spring is Coming, and Dotted Numbers. I also added a few cards and embellishments from Studio Calico.

Week 10: March 2 - March 8, 2014:

Pretty chill week around here, lots of time at home. I started watching House of Cards and then spent countless hours in front of the TV doing nothing else. I volunteered in the school library. Lots of rain again this week (we don't mind, Maui needs it!), and I spent some time in the Ceramics Open Studio.

Product Used: Coral Core Kit, various Studio Calico embellishments, and a few more Emily Merritt goodies - Spring is Coming and Big Number Week Cards No. 2.

And there you have Weeks 9 & 10!

Just a note to say that I've been getting quite a bit of spam in my comments lately, so I might be making some changes to the comment thing on my blog. I'm exploring that a bit - deciding between moderation and using a captcha. Any input? I don't get many comments at all, so moderation wouldn't be a big issue. Would love to hear some opinions on this.

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