Saturday, October 9, 2010

Verve-y Halloween

Hi there! So did you stock up on those fabulous Verve New Releases yesterday? So much goodness, right?

Well, as this posts I am on a plane, probably somewhere above the Pacific Ocean - hopefully sleeping soundly as we are in the middle of 14+ hours of travel time to make it to our destination in Wichita, Kansas to visit the in-laws. I'm really hoping that by this point they haven't had to turn the plane around to head back to Maui to remove an unruly 3-yr-old!! LOL. But seriously, I am nervous about the flight - we haven't gone ANYWHERE since Dean was 2 months old and this is a VERY long trip (and in the middle of our vacation we are taking a 3-hour road trip to our alma mater in Norman, OK - a very long car ride for a child who lives on a small island, AND another flight to New Jersey to visit Joel's grandparents!! That's a lot of travel for an island boy). Don't worry though, I left prepared with lots of kid-drugging goods (can you say dramamine? and yes, we tested it at home first to make sure it didn't have the opposite effect) for the long overnight flight - we left Maui at 9:00 pm last night and don't arrive in to Wichita until like 1:30 PM today. ugh. And let me tell you, I was TIRED when we left the house - I was scrambling to get blog posts scheduled, work stuff wrapped up, DT stuff done, etc. But I'm really looking forward to this trip. I have several posts scheduled while I'm gone, and who knows, maybe I'll stop in and give you guys a few updates on our adventures. I don't know. Does anyone even care? I mean I'm not exactly Dawn McVey here. LOL.

OK, on to the Verve goodness.... I used one of Julee's World Card Making Day sketches to whip up this fun Halloween card using the new Bountiful Harvest set:

I stamped the triple pumpkin image on watercolor paper and "painted" it with a wet watercolor brush dipped in Stampin' Up inks. I also used the moon image from the same Bountiful Harvest set and the "Happy Halloween" sentiment from Happy Fall. And how about that fun DP? Look familiar? It's actually printed digi paper from the Happy Halloween Paper Pack #1 by Echo Park that I picked up from a few weeks ago. (SO excited Echo Park has gone digi!!). I added some purple ribbon and called it good.

Have a great weekend! Keep your fingers crossed we have mild weather on the mainland (you know, for us Maui Weather Weenies!!) and that we all survive traveling with a 3-yr-old!! :-)


Wendy said...

The card rocks girl!! I hope you have a great trip!!

Maureen said...

so wonderful, Jen ...happy travels...what a big trip!! Here's hoping the drugs last!! LOL Mom used to give us gravol!! LOL

the whimsical butterfly said...

Heehee your post cracked me up :D No, maybe not Dawn's European adventures but boy am I glad you live on Maui and we got to meet up-I had a BLAST-thank you so much and DEFINITELY let us know how the trip is going! Huge hugs!

Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

Gorgeous card!! and just for the record although i'm a little late.. oopss.. I'm always interested in what you're up to Jen.. so post away about your holiday antics.. can't wait to hear them.. even the bad bits.. what!!.. bad bits on holidays.. NEVER!!! bwhahaa... ENJOY and have FUN!!

xx SJ

Naomi said...

What a gorgeous color scheme... I love the purple and bright green to compliment the traditional halloween colors.