Friday, February 8, 2013

Project Life 2013, Week 4

I'm officially about a week behind on Project Life. I managed to stay caught up most of last year, only getting at most 2 weeks behind right after our Disneyland vacation in May and then again around the holidays in December. Otherwise, for the most part I'd finish the previous week's pages on Sunday afternoon - usually working on them here and there throughout the week, printing photos I knew I'd want to use as I had them, journaling about the big stuff when I had time, and then just filling in holes on Sunday. It worked out REALLY well for me. And I know that had I fallen much more than a few weeks behind, I probably never would have stuck it out. It's just the way I work. So my intention is to continue staying mostly caught up this year as well. Our big renovation project is making it difficult (Pretty much all of Week 5 and a lot of Week 6 will cover house renovations since that's just about all that was going on around here!). But for now, here's a look at Week 4:

I kept things pretty simple this week. Once again, mixing my Seafoam Kit with my Studio Calico Project Life kit. I also used 3 printables from Geralyn Sy's store, In a Creative Bubble (and I picked up all of her new releases this week! Can't. Stop.). On the left side of the page I included a couple of small (2.25x2.25 inches each) instagrams about how we honored Martin Luther King, Jr on his holiday and journaled a bit about that. I have a feeling at the end of the school year when I receive Dean's Art Portfolio, there will be at least one MLK, Jr related piece of work that will be slipped into a page protector and added as an extra insert to this week. I included journaling about and a photo of myself painting Dean's room from early in the week as well as a collage of photos of the finished room. Great way to remember what your child's room looked like years from now! I barely remember my room at 6 yrs old and would love to have a photo like this! I'm already getting bored with my Weekly Anchor card (the "Week 4" card in the upper left) and will probably start to change things up with that soon. I had originally thought I'd stick with this format all year, but now I've decided I think I'll change things up week to week. That's the great thing about Project Life - no rules, so I can do whatever I want! :-) Although it will bug me to have 4 weeks consistent and then random after that. Maybe I'll make changes monthly and keep things the same each month? What do you think?

I documented President Obama's Inauguration on the right side of the spread with a photo of Dean in front of the TV, which shows Barack and Michelle on the steps of the Capitol. A few more renovation photos (trip to Home Depot, Joel working on the Board and Batten in the entry, more journaling about the ongoing projects), etc. And a bit of everyday life - an after school treat at Yogurtland, and Dean being silly when I tried to get a selfie of the two of us. I got a little creative with my Week in Review card by using some Studio Calico days of the week stamps to differentiate the days I was journaling about. Initially wasn't sure if I liked it, but it grew on me.

And that's it. My plans for this weekend while Joel (hopefully) finishes up the flooring installation include finishing up Week 5 and at least starting on Week 6! Dean and I might sneak a hike in there somewhere too...Have a great weekend everyone!

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