Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Project Life 2013, Week 6

I was really happy with the way this week turned out. I had very few photos from Week 6 and really struggled at first with filling all those pockets. But once I was done, it ended up being one of my favorite weeks so far. Funny how that works, huh? This was the week we {mostly} finished up the floors, so Dean and I were still at my Mom's the first part of the week, then the house was such a mess the rest of the week and our normal routine was just so out of whack. I included a couple of Dean's drawings this week - one of them you can see I added to an 8.5x11 page protector as an extra insert. I absolutely LOVE this drawing because it is just SO DEAN right now. It's very analytical, it's some kind of "Tree Chart" where he drew pictures of different types of trees (I'm pretty sure most of them are just made up as I've never heard of them), and then labeled them with colored dots as to their different characteristics. He put them into different categories such as "fruiting", "pine", "rare", and (my favorite) "wormy". So cute!

On the left side of the page I once again changed up my "Anchor Card" a bit. I used a chipboard number that came in (I think) my January Studio Calico scrapbook kit. I also printed a filler card that's basically just a quote card I found on pinterest.  The February calendar is from the Photo Freedom Vol. 1 Calendars 12x12 by Echo Park. The background paper for my Anchor Card is from the Seafoam Project Life Kit. And that cute "Daily Details" stamp in the bottom right pocket? That's from the Daily Details 4x6 Stamp set by Elle's Studio. I also used a few other random things from my Studio Calico Project Life and Scrapbook kits from January.

On the right side of the page, because I needed filler, I talked a bit about the latest book I read for Book Club (interesting read if you're looking for something. Very different). Used lots of alpha stickers from Studio Calico. A filler card (It's been a Long Week) from Phrase Cards 2 by Cathy Zielske. I also used these Black 6x12 Micro Monogram sticker alphas from Basic Grey. I've been using these stickers more and more lately and have them in several colors - Pink, White, Grey, etc. They're a great deal at just $1.50 a sheet because they come with SO many of each letter, and that smaller size is perfect for Project Life (I like using them on my 3x4 cards). You can also see that I added a clothing tag from one of Dean's new shirts to one of my 3x4 pockets this week for additional filler as well as a selfie I normally would never include of my teeth. But I've been dealing with taking care of some long overdue dental work the past month (to upgrade a cosmetic procedure to deal with a badly chipped front tooth that I got by falling off my bike and landing on my face on concrete when I was 9 years old - very traumatic! It was way past time to have this tooth re-done as the last bond or whatever it was they did back then hadn't been redone since I was a teenager - like 20 years ago - and it was badly stained. So yeah, as much as I have dreaded it and put it off for years, it's good to get it done and taken care of. Even though my bank account isn't too happy about it!! Cosmetic dental work is EXPENSIVE!).

 And that's it for Week 6. Initially a struggle because of a shortage of photos, but ended up being a favorite!

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