Monday, January 26, 2009

Sweet Valentine Card Set

Just a quick post before heading to bed tonight.

I've decided that Dean is teething after all. He's still running a fever off and on, but otherwise hasn't really developed any illness other than a mild runny nose. He had a TERRIBLE time with his first set of molars and that was about a year ago. I've been reading that the second set of molars often comes in about a year after the first set. This is starting to seem all too familiar with the no sleeping, crankiness, fever, runny nose and not being at all interested in eating anything. The first set of molars took about a month and a half to fully come in with the rough patches coming and going in 3-4 day spurts with a few good days in between. We'll see what happens in the next few days....but I'm really missing my sleep. Any crazy thoughts we might have entertained of a new baby (ummm....actually those thoughts have been non-existant, but our convictions of being a one-kid family have been confirmed!!! ha!) have been squashed by this relapse into sleepless nights - one thing I do know is that I need my sleep!!!

Anyway, I made this simple Valentine's Day card set several weeks ago using Verve's new Sweet Valentine set and some printed digital papers from the Chick or Sweet kit by Scrapkitchen Designs (Sweet Shoppe). The basic design of the cards is pretty simple - Kraft CS base, some DP, and the sentiment stamped in Versamark and embossed in Detail White. I packaged the cards in a clear box wrapped with a "belly band" to match! That's it!!
Hope you're all enjoying your Monday!!! Have you had a chance to check out the Verve Project Parade going on over on the Verve Blog?? The divas have been coming up with some FAB creations!! Be sure to check it out and then go get busy on your project - the oh-so-generous Julee is offering up some Verve Bucks to a lucky winner!!!

Oh, wait...funny story....yesterday Dean (who is all of 2 years old) dropped the f-bomb TWICE!!! yes, I know...I'm pretty sure this reflects quite poorly on our parenting skills. But that's beside the point. The point is...he sounded JUST LIKE Joel (DH) when he said it - same tone and inflection, even putting a well-placed "ah" in front of it. (as in "ah f$%&"). He also used it at a very appropriate time contextually - he was in the process of taking a very big bite of yogurt when the spoon shifted and the blob of yogurt landed right in his lap. He looked down and very matter-of-factly said "ah f*&$". It was SO HARD not to laugh!! Of course, then I lectured Joel about how this is our sign that it's time to clean up our potty mouths for real this time. Then, a few hours later Joel drops an f-bomb in front of Dean!!! The Nerve! So I very sternly scolded Joel (just to clarify Dean is my 2-yr-old son, Joel is my husband) and made him sit in time-out for 2 minutes. Surprisingly, Joel complied and sat his whole 6'3", 230 lb self on the little time-out stool, trying very hard to look appropriately remorseful. Dean just watched the whole thing with huge eyes. After the 2 minutes, Joel had to apologize to both Dean and I for using disrespectful language in our presence. Funny thing is that Joel hasn't dropped anymore f-bombs since then!!!! (although Dean did say "dammit" under his breath when he broke his crayon while coloring last night - but I'm pretty sure he got that one from me....I failed to mention that to Joel so as to avoid the time-out chair myself!!!).


Justine said...

LOL, too funny. Love the simplicity of these cards. Very classy

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! That is hilarious. It's so hard to keep a straight face when they do that :)
Cute cards too!!!

Heidi said...

That story is funny, and it does make us all think twice. My son was dropping the f bomb over and over while playing trucks one day at his grandparents! Oh my..... he definately did not get the context of the word and I very quickly reminded grandmother that SHE she not be using such language so he would pick it up (it was at her house so I am sure it was picked up there! wink wink!)
Your cards are fab b/c they are quick and simple. Love them.

Anne Alagna said...

I love these cards. Nothing bothers me more than V-day cards that are all cutesy.

And if it makes you feel any better...the F-bomb has plagued my house too.

When my son was 18 months old, solemn as could be, he entered the garage to see his father. He had a toy with him. He was obviously upset. His father sat by him and asked what was going on. The boy, serious, said "I dont know Dad. The F***ing thing is broke!"

Yes, we laughed. Yes, he got lectured. Yes, we have heard it again... at least once out of each of our 4 kids. It happens.

maddy hill said...

aww bless , sounds like teething to me !

love the cards and that box is gorgeous ( other post)

Anonymous said...

Ok, the story is so hilarious...but true! Kids pick stuff up so easy, and when we say it, it doesn't sound bad to us unfortunately as society has it all over. So to a 2 year old, to them it is like saying 'please', love the story! LOL But I LOVE the cards!

Darce Roberts said...

Thanks for the GREAT story and the laugh!! We've all been there...once my dh dropped the entire container of ice from the freezer and said, "You mother f*&$er!!" And my daugther who was about 3 at time with her beautiful curly hair and big blue eyes so seriously said, "Daddy, you shouldn't call the ice a mother f*%$^er. Mother F*$%er is a bad word. Okay, Daddy?? Okay???" I was dying laughing!!! I had to go out in the garage I was laughing so hard!!

BTW...your cards are just beatiful! I haven't visited your blog in ages! :)

Debbie Lee said...

Holy FUNNY stuff!!! That's an awesome story!! And, it is amazing what little sponges kids are!! Thanks for sharing your story! LOLOL

Anonymous said...

Jen - that story is hilarious! My youngest stepdaughter (she'll be 9 next month) swears like a sailor and has since she was 3 (that's when she really started talking). Anyway, we've kind of given up on her. The funny thing is her older sister would die before uttering a profanity and is deeply offended by her younger sister. I don't get it. Same parenting situation, different outcomes. And, while we occasionally slip, all of their parents (step included) try to keep it clean in front of the girls.

Oh - and the valentine cards are fabulous! All of your creations are fabulous, who are we kidding? You have come so far in so short of a period of time - I just love seeing your name all over the blogosphere! So proud of you!!

Julee (Vervegirl) said...

What a darling set, Jen! I love it! And such a funny story. I can't imagine trying to keep a straight face. My mom washed my mouth out with Lemon fresh Joy when I was 3 1/2 for the SH word. To this day, I can't stand the scent of dishwashing soap! I can still remember the taste of it!LOL I'm sure she would have found some other punsihment nowadays - can you imagine the chemicals that are in that??? Gross! :)

Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

LOVE your set, Jen! What a funny story too!