Sunday, December 30, 2012

Project Life 2012 Week 36

Well, I wasn't really planning on blogging again until I was ready to share my first Project Life post of 2013, but I've been so proud of myself for staying all caught up in 2012 and I'm *almost* done with my album (I just put the finishing touches on Week 51, so only one more week to go and my 2012 Albums are ALL DONE!!). I doubt I'll ever get around to sharing all of my 2012 layouts, but I thought I'd go ahead and share a few more while I'm waiting on the goodies I've ordered - and plan on ordering - for 2013 to arrive. So since my last share was Week 35, how about a look at my Week 36?

This was the week of Sept 2 to Sept 8 and it was a fun and busy week around here. Here's what the entire 2-page spread looks like, minus a couple of inserts - I added two 8.5x11 inserts to this week - they contain some drawings of Space stuff that Dean did (specifically Stingray Nebula and a few different galaxies...I know....weird) as well as a photo I took of some artwork that was hanging up on the wall of his classroom when we attended Open House this week. I'm hoping I'll eventually replace the photo with the actual physical artwork at the end of the school year when we receive his Art Portfolio (last year when he brought home his Kindergarten Art Portfolio I think I added about 20-25 more inserts of artwork into my album - I just took the ones I wanted to keep out of his Portfolio and put them straight into the appropriate week of Project Life and then tossed the Portfolio, no need for extra folders laying around).

And a closer look at the left side of the page. I think I've mentioned before that I do NOT do a Photo-a-Day approach to Project Life. I just takes photos of the things that matter to me, some weeks I have only photos from the weekend because nothing really happened but school and work during the week (and then I'll journal about that fact) and I find myself scrambling to fill in a lot of empty pockets OR I have like 7 pictures from the same trip to the beach or park. Those weeks are usually the weeks that I tend to fill in holes with other things about our current life - like what are we watching on TV, reading, eating a lot of, etc. I'll sometimes try to find stock images of these things online and fill in space with them. It still gives a nice overview of our life. (You'll see an example of this with the Boardwalk Empire photo on the right side of this week's spread). Anyway...this week didn't need much "filler". It was pretty busy. We had a fun sunset BBQ at a friend's beachside condo's pool, there was lots of playtime going on, and lots of time was spent watching the Democratic National Convention.

And the right side. Photos from a fun day at the park and a Family Game Night as well as one of those stock images found online of a new TV show we started watching that week (on DVD). Photos from First Grade Open House and a Beach Adventure. I journaled about Open House as well as my favorite moments from the DNC.

And that's it for Week 36. I'm not really sure how many people read these Project Life posts, so for now I'm not going to include product links. But if there's a product you see me use that you have questions about, please ask and I'll post a link. If I start getting a lot of questions, I'll start adding product links.

Also, sorry for the fuzzy photos. Something happened during resizing / saving, but I'm too lazy to retake the photos!! :-)


Jackie Pedro said...

I am so happy you are almost done with 2012! Dean is such a cutie! I AM doing PL in 2013 and I already know that I will not do a picture a day and I'm okay with that! Thank you for sharing your pages!

Julee (Vervegirl) said...

Wow, Jen!! 51 weeks is such an accomplishment. I bet it's so cool to flip through and see your year at a glance. Dean is such a cutie, and I'm sure he'll treasure these pages.

Amy D said...

So...any inserts of angry bird pictures??? ;)