Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Project Life 2013, Week 28

Week 28: July 7 - July 13, 2013:

Backing up again - sorry for posting these layouts in such a random order!

This was a fun week around here. Dean was at Art Camp at the Hui again, we celebrated Joel's 31st birthday (yes, I'm a cougar! LOL), and we enjoyed a few fun crafty / artsy projects at home together.

I used cards from my Seafoam core kit, which has been standard for me every single week this year - it really has been my "core" for 2013 - and added cards from Studio Calico's Project Life kit as well as cards from the Jade core kit and a printable from Emily Merritt's Check The Box Summer Edition kit.   You'll also see that fun striped label stamp from Reverse Confetti's Arrows 'n Elements stamp set as well as a fun circle tag from the Real Life Miscellany Tags by Evalicious.

One thing I love about Project Life is that it gives me a place to keep some of the cute little things Dean draws and creates. That yellow cat? It was part of a bigger drawing that I just trimmed down and slipped right into the pocket. I also love taking photos of some of his larger artwork, like the water balloon dart painting canvas that's in the bottom right photo. These will be so fun to look back on in 20 years!

And now some stats, because I think it's fun when Elise Cripe does this, so I thought I'd start as well:

Ratio of photos taken by Jen to photos taken by Joel: 6 to 1
 Ratio of Galaxy S4 Phone Photos to "real camera" photos: 7 to 0

I will be sharing a link to this post on The Mom Creative blog.


Jen @ Reverse Confetti said...

Great layout, Jen!! Love your use of the stamps!

sarah said...

aw there's a pic of my baby!!! this is great jen, i love it!!