Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Week 2

January 5 - January 11, 2014

Around here, it was a fun and busy week. Downton Abbey season 4 started, Joel and Dean started playing some tennis (neither of them has any idea what they're doing, but when asked if he wants to take lessons, Dean informed me: "Nah, I don't need to. I'm already really good". Then he told me he beat Daddy 53 to 37. Um, OK. Ha! Wednesday, Dean started back to school after a nice long Winter Break. We've been getting some much-needed rain in the Central Valley of Maui. I crocheted Joel a beanie (have I mentioned I'm now completely obsessed with crocheting? I'm sure I'll be annoying all of you with my humble brags about my many crochet projects this year). Joel played golf with some buddies Saturday afternoon (another sport he's really not very good at, but enjoys playing - he is definitely a wrestler in every way). And I got a new little chair for the living room. If you followed my 2013 Project Life, you know that we've been slowly progressing with a major Living Room Makeover for about a year now and are really, really close to being done with that! Yay! 

I used lots of my Studio Calico goodies this week. I hadn't been finding a lot to use from my kits the last few months - I think because fall and winter colors just don't fit well when you live in a perpetually warm climate maybe? I find it hard to work with those warm, fallish colors. So I really loved this month's kits as it was a return to more of my style. I also tried something new on my "anchor card" and journaled - kind of Week in Review style. That 3x4 number 2 is from Emily Merritt's Big Number Week Cards No. 2 - like I mentioned last week, I'll be using those pretty consistently this year. I also used some of the Grey Alpha Stickers by Becky Higgins (These and several other Project Life products are currently 25% off over at Two Peas, btw). One of my favorite photos this week is that super simple 3x4 picture of all the Calvin and Hobbes books on Dean's bookshelf. Such a perfect example of his everyday life right now. Trying to remember to capture more images like that this year.

I actually included TWO! selfies on the right side of the layout this week - unheard of for me as I am really bad about avoiding the camera. The first (4x6) one I snapped in the car on the way to school the first morning back after Winter Break. LOL. Perfect capture of how each of us felt. The second one is there mostly because I just wanted an excuse to use that #selfie card from the SC Project Life kit. The "Let's Make it a Good One" card is from Emily Merritt's new Be Brilliant kit. And finally, that 4x6 "yes!" journal card is from the Teen Boy Theme Pack by Becky Higgins.

And that wraps up my Week 2. Thanks for stopping by!

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Craftcherry said...

Great layouts. I would love to learn how to crochet beanies...just a matter of sitting down and concentrating!
LOVE the tennis! It's so much more fun when you don't know what you're doing or how to keep track of the points.