Sunday, February 23, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Week 7

February 9 - February 15, 2014:

Around here, Week 7 was a fabulous week! Dean started Piano lessons at the Maui Music Conservatory. I continued with my Clay Class and finally got the hang of Scraffito (a technique that I did not master in my first clay class). And, it was Valentine's Day.

I used lots of new Elle's Studio goodies in my layout this week, including several things from the Love You More Collection Pack and the Love You More Journaling Tags. The "Be Mine" card is from Emily Merritt's Heart Talk and the "This is Where it is Beautiful" is from her Snow Day (recolored). And of course, I added the yellow circle "7" from Emily's Dotted Numbers set.

I was so happy to add some of Dean's artwork this week! It's one of my favorite things to include in Project Life. I often include it inside extra inserts, which don't usually get shared on the blog, but sometimes when I'm short a pocket, I'll hand Dean a blank card and ask him to draw me a picture. This week I needed another 4x6 card to fill out the spread, so I asked him to draw a Valentine picture. He drew a picture of our family with lots of love. It's hilarious that he drew us all wearing green shirts and purple shorts (I'm pretty sure Dean is the only one of us who owns a shirt that color - one of his school shirts, and none of us own purple shorts! Ha!).

And there you have Week 7. I'm off to get started on Week 8!!

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biker jacket said...
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Anonymous said...

beautiful pages. adding your son's artwork is awesome! i'm excited to add more of that to our album, in the coming years, too. :) i love all of your white and bright colors...and TOTALLY dig your clay project. awesome!

lisaplus6 said...

so so wonderful! that sweet little family drawing just makes the whole spread! sweeeeetttt!!!