Sunday, May 18, 2008

Name Badge Album

I made my Mom and Grandma these adorable little mini albums for Mother's Day. I printed the wallet-sized pics and loaded them into several of those name badge covers you can buy in packs of 12 at OfficeMax for about $5. They're held together with a couple of jump rings covered with ribbon - so cute!! Here are a few pics of the finished project and each of the pages. Project details
are at the end of this post

You can purchase the Bounce Name Badge album (digital) as a kit from the Shabby Shoppe. It was sooooo easy to make!! I used Photoshop Elements 6 and you just add your photos as another layer to the pre-made quick pages and you're done!!

I have several things to post today, so if you're a subscriber please bear with all the updates! Thanks!!!


Anthonette said...

Jen, that project is absolutely adorable! I just finished taking an 8-hour Photoshop Elements class. Plus, pictures of Dean are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen, you've really outdone yourself!!! The album is amazingly adorable!!!!!

Unknown said...

This is so completely precious! I gave you a shout out for Scrapbook Saturday over at -- Check it out:

Kimberly Crawford said...

how darling is this?!?!? You have beautiful projects on your blog!! I will for sure! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you for designing for boys as that is all I have(smiles). I love scrapbooking and photography and have trouble with digital designs often being so feminine. Thank you, I can't wait to create this album with my amazing photos from

Unknown said...

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