Saturday, June 28, 2008

I've been tagged...

One of my favorite bloggers & stampin' idols, Nancy Riley, tagged me earlier this week and I'm finally getting a chance to play! BTW, if you haven't checked out Nancy's blog, STOP and do that NOW - she's amazing!! You can read the rules for yourself. It was tough coming up with 7 interesting facts about myself, but here goes...
1. I grew up in small town Oklahoma and from the age of 5 yrs old I didn't miss a SINGLE home OU football game until I moved to Maui 4.5 yrs ago. I feel the most homesick in the fall for this very reason - it's just not the same waking up at 4:00 am to watch football on TV on a Saturday and nobody else really seems to care! (it's about all we had going in the fall in Oklahoma!!) GO SOONERS!!
2. Skittles are my favorite candy. I have a method for eating them. When I open a bag, I pour them all out and seperate them by color. Then I eat each color group in order, starting with my least favorite and ending with my favorite. Purple first, then yellow, green, orange and finally red.
3. When I was in grad school at OU I worked as an athletic trainer for the Univ. of Oklahoma Athletics Dept. I worked mostly with the wrestling team. I didn't know a THING about wrestling before then. I have to say, being single at the time, it wasn't a bad gig...I was the only female in a room full of 19-25 yr old college wrestlers for 5-8 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 10 months a year (and in case you didn't know, wrestlers are YUMMY...seriously, none of them have over about 4% body fat, lots of muscles and by the time they get to the level of competing for a division 1 college they look pretty darn good). Anyway I digress....
4. My husband, Joel, wrestled for the Oklahoma Sooners (197 pounder for those of you in the know). We met, became friends, then started dating. It was somewhat frowned upon for a trainer to fraternize with his/her athletes, so we kept our relationship a secret (for the most part) for nearly 8 months. Then the head coach caught us making out (actually I would call it more of a very innocent kiss, but when my husband tells the story he uses the term "making out") in the deserted training room one day after a late practice and we were BUSTED. All's well that ends well. We've been together ever since.
5. I LOVE to surf, but don't very often because I get so seasick that even just sitting on my board waiting for a set makes me nauseous. I spend more time in the water hanging over the side of my board that it's almost not worth it. Almost.
6. I do have a "real job". I'm a physical therapist. I work 3 days a week and mostly specialize in outpatient orthopedics. Unfortunately, my job requires me to inflict some small degree of pain on my patients on a regular basis. I don't hesitate to tell my patients to suck it up and stop whining if they want to get better. I have virtually NO pain tolerance myself. I am the world's biggest wimp.
7. Prior to January of this year I had NEVER inked a single stamp.
OK, now for the 7 bloggers I'm tagging (if you have yet to visit these girls' amazing blogs, you HAVE to check them out...some serious talent here!):
2. Jaime at Cre8tive-or-Crazy?
3. Kimberly at For the Love of Paper
5. Nicole at Little Inklings
6. Stephanie at Steph's Stampin' Stuff
7. Anthonette at Chavez Designs


Nancy Riley said...

Stampin' IDOL ???? PA-LEEZ!!!! You've got it all mixed around, Jen! You're MY stampin' idol !!! I am completely shocked to find out that you have only been stamping for six months??? UNBELIEVABLE !!!! Your artwork indicates that you're an 'ol pro that's been stamping forever! WOW!

I eat M & M's similar to the way you eat Skittles! My kids & DH call it OCD!! LOL! I take a handful of M & M's, eat all the brown first because that's my least favorite color (ever wonder why they even bother making the brown ones?), then eat the colors from least to greatest.

Kimberly Crawford said...

Thanks for the tag, Jen! You are a sweetie! I cannot believe that you have only been stamping such a short time!! WOWEE-you are SO good at it!!! :)
I eat my M7Ms sorted too! :)
Have a good weekend! :)

Anthonette said...

Hi Jen,
Thanks for tagging me. Loved reading all the facts about you. I'm sure everyone is shocked about the stamping since January fact. I'll start working on my list.

Jaime said...

Red Skittles are MY FAVORITE too!!! I wish they sold them by the color... how great would that be? Anyhow, thanks for "tagging me" I will be sure to post my 7 asap... thanks Jen!
Jaime B.

Jaime said...

Hi Jen... so I just finally got my "tagging" posted THANKS :) You cracked me up with your post(s) on my blog.. HA HA HA the funny thing is I didn't even catch it until you posted the second one... nice huh? LOL.. anyhow I have nominated you for an award.. check out my blog for more info :)
Take care-

Enjoli said...

I can't believe you never stamped before January! I could never tell! Thanks for tagging me. =) Check out my blog for some blog candy! =)