Sunday, November 30, 2008

Miss Me?

Hey there! Wow - Sorry it's been so long since I've posted - it's been a busy week!! My MIL is still here and we're having lots of fun!! Dean is getting more spoiled by the day though, but I guess that's to be expected! We had a pretty good Thanksgiving despite the fact that my father (who has Alzheimer's) was having a TERRIBLE day and was extremely difficult. {sigh}. Oh well, what can you do?? I was able to snap a really cute picture of my son with my Dad while my Dad was having one of a very few "good moments" that day....I am sure I will cherish this photo forever.We also celebrated Dean's 2nd birthday a week early with a fun Pool Party at the Keali'i Ocean Villas in Kihei on Saturday morning. Here are a few pics from the party...

the Taplers (Jen, Dean, Joel):

Dean and friend Haley waiting not-so-patiently for me to light the birthday candles:Dean and friends enjoying the pool:

Anyway, I don't normally share personal stuff here (you can bore yourselves with my personal life on our family Blog - the Tapler Ohana anytime!!) but I wanted to let you all know that I'm still alive and I have been working on a few projects - just haven't had time to post! But I thought I'm jump on tonight and post a few quick pics of some holiday gift ideas and share a few things.

First the sharing...Have you been to the Verve store lately?? Looks like they're having an AWESOME sale this month with even some of the latest releases marked down as much as 20%!! WOW!!!

Also, Papercraft Planet is in the middle of their 12 Days of Christmas promo...Each day you have a chance to win some FABULOUS prizes from our sponsors!! I'll be hosting this friday with a chance for you to win some yummy Verve goodies (don't worry, I'll remind you Friday). But head on over to the Planet and check it out!

And finally, there's still a few days left to get in on Verve's Project Parade for yet another chance to win some Verve Goodness!!! (seriously...have you ever met anyone as generous as Julee!?!? I mean sometimes I think it's easier to keep track of when she's NOT giving something away!!!).

And speaking of the Project's my little project while I complete my time as a Guest Diva. The challenge is to make Anything But a Card and I chose to make this little gift pack of Christmas Ornaments using the new Ornamental Christmas set (which is currently on SALE!!!). The project is pretty self explanatory (and it's midnight here), but you can read all the details in my post over on the Verve Blog, which includes instructions and a link to the original Project Parade post if you'd like to participate! (you have until noon Friday, Dec 5 - so hurry!!!).The last thing I'd like to show you is this ADORABLE onesie gift set I made with Libby Weifenbach's Have Yourself a Maui Little Christmas digital kit (from Sweet Shoppe Designs). I just LOVE how this project turned out!! I purchased a Commercial Use license for this kit and will be attempting to sell some of these onesies locally at a holiday craft boutique thing on Sunday (if you're interested in purchasing a onesie, they are $8 each or it's $15 for the gift set with box & tag - just shoot me an e-mail).
Well, that's all folks!! My MIL leaves Thursday (much too soon once again), and although I'm very sad to see her go, I'm hoping my MoJo will magically reappear once my schedule frees up a bit. Fingers crossed!!


Nancy Riley said...

Jen, thanks for sharing those photos of your family ... HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to Dean! What a cutie he is!

I just can't get over how young your dad is for alzheimers. I am praying for him and your entire family, my friend!

Hugs from Arizona~

Unknown said...

i also thought that your dad is so young to have alzheimers - my father also had it...prayers for you and your family to have strength and peace during this time..sure do love the pics of that blonde curly haired boy!!

JenBalding said...

omg!!! Jen, those ornaments are gorgeous, love the black and white box/set..awesome...and those onesies are just the coolest...absolutely love them!!