Sunday, April 3, 2011

Make a Page Monday

It's been awhile since I shared any digi layouts on the blog. I tackled a HUGE scrapbooking project in December / January with creating a Tribute album about my father's life with the intention of completing it before his Celebration of Life in February. I didn't quite meet that goal of having the entire book done (there are just too many picture to scrap and I didn't have enough time), so I opted not to have a professionally bound hardback book done just yet. Instead I had the 12x12 pages printed from (AWESOME quality, btw - very pleased) and just put them into page protectors inside one of the Stampin' Up 12x12 linen ring albums. I can continue to add to this book as I finish up the rest of the pages (I have LOTS of photos from his childhood to sort and scan and still a lot from my own childhood to scrap). Then when I'm completely done with the book I can still have it professionally printed and bound in a keepsake hardback book and I figure I'll just give the linen album to my brother or if he wants a hardback book too I'll keep it to pass on to Dean some day. I don't know. It doesn't really matter. But I've put a lot of work into the book and I was happy to have as much done as I did for his Celebration and everyone seemed to enjoy looking through the book and it was nice to relive some of those memories.

So anyway, my point is that I haven't yet shared any of those pages here and I thought I would do that. I hope you all don't mind. I know that most of you aren't digi srappers, but hopefully you can still find some inspiration from the pages - whether it's motivation to get your own stories told (because you just never know), papercrafting inspiration (because even though these layouts are digi, the basic design elements carry over to paper), or whatever. And who knows - maybe it will spark an interest in digi scrapping in someone new? I'm going to *try* to share a few digi layouts each week on Monday unless I have some DT assignment that needs to get posted. Not all of the layouts will be about my Dad - I've also been working on Dean's albums so I'll share some baby and toddler pages too!! And normally I won't do this much blah blah blah first.

And don't worry, the rest of the week will still be regular normal old papercrafting stuff! :-) But thank you for humoring me!!

So here goes...(credits listed below each layout). Click on a layout to see it larger or to read the journaling.

This first layout is actually the inside cover page of the album.
Cindy's Layered Template Set #15 by Cindy Schneider;
Breath of Fresh Air by Scrapkitchen Designs;
12 Months Alphas by Penny Springmann
(All from Sweet Shoppe Designs)

And here's one with a photo of my Mom and Dad from my Dad's Junior Prom in 1968:
Cindy's Layered Templates #13 by Cindy Schneider;
Wonderful Tonight by Julie Billingsley & Jady Day Studios;
Some elements from Time Flies by Dani Mogstad
(all from Sweet Shoppe Designs)

And this is one of my favorite layouts from the entire book as it is just SO my Dad! (read the journaling for the full story).
Chill Out by Dani Mogstad (Sweet Shoppe)
Template from Amaryllis by Sara Gleason

And last, I thought I'd share the inside cover page of Dean's baby book - isn't that an AWESOME Baby's First Year template I used!?
All products available at Sweet Shoppe:
Cindy's Layered Templates - Baby's 1st Year by Cindy Schneider
Alphabet Soup for Boys by Zoe Pearn
Kraft Essentials by Julie Billingsley (retired)
Alpha - Birthday Boy by Zoe Pearn
Alpha - Blink of an Eye by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Traci Reed
Alpha (12) - In His Footsteps by Traci Reed

OK, that's it! What do you think? Is it OK for me to share these here on Mondays? I hope so! I've never seemed to get much response on the blog to my digi layouts, but I figure I put so much effort into these that I might as well share them! And if people aren't really into it, well - tough crap. You'll just have to deal - it's only 1 day a week. ;-)


Lynn said...

These are all gorgeous pages... definitely inspiring me to get back to my scrapbooks! Love all the wonderful tributes to your dad and that page of Dean - WOW!!!

Evette K. said...

Jen, I do not know u, but your tribute album to your dad is wonderful. Would love to see the whole thing!!! And what can I say about that adorable little boy of yours??? CUTE CUTE I love little boys. I had two and now have two grandsons!! And my daughter gave me the two boys while my oldest son gave me three granddaughters. Wow. Great things to come Jen. And tons more pages of scrapbooks. Enjoy that little boy...time flies by. hugs.

Esther said...

All I can say is super fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pages!

Karen Motz said...

Jen, these layouts are gorgeous!!! Such wonderful keepsakes!!!

Anthonette said...

I love all the layouts! Your dad and his jacket; how funny.

I loved seeing the layout with Dean. How cute! That is an awesome template.

Anonymous said...

God, I wish I could scrapbook like you!!! All those are precious pages! The one of your Dad teared me up!! And Dean, OMG, he is so adorable!