Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sweet Sunday Sketch #121

Hi there! I hope everyone's summer is off to a good start! I've been hearing about lots of super hot weather (like in the 100s in some place! yikes!!) on the mainland, so I guess it's time for me to stop complaining about it when I'm sweating because it got up to 89 degrees in Kahului in the afternoon! I think when you live in a place like Maui, you completely lose your tolerance for extremes of temperature. I've learned that I'm pretty much only comfortable between the temperatures of about 72 and 86 degrees. Anything below or above that range and I'm unhappy. Fortunately though, we don't have too many days outside of that range, so I'm good most of the year!!

Anyway, I'm sure you're not here to listen to me blab about the weather. It's Sunday and that means it's time for another Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge!! I had lots of fun with this week's sketch - it's another keeper for sure!

Dean's been super cute lately, saying lots of things I wanted to jot down and remember (like when he lost his big toenail last week after running over his foot with the bathroom door and he said "I'm going to go put this {the toenail...ewww} under my pillow and tonight the toenail fairy will come and leave me a present" - seriously!? First of all this kid shouldn't even know about the TOOTH fairy yet, let alone be able to extrapolate that into making up the TOENAIL Fairy!! LOL. and also last week at school when all the kids painted pictures - most of them painted things like rainbows or flowers or stick figures of themselves with their families - and Dean painted nothing but a bunch of multi-colored question marks all over the paper. When I picked him up from school and asked him to tell me about his painting he answered me - in a tone of voice that suggested I was the stupidest person who ever lived - "It's a MYSTERY Mommy". Well, duh! ha!). Anyway, I figured it was time to make Dean another special card and write him a little letter inside sharing some of my thoughts and feelings and some of those adorable memories I want to capture. And of course, it's once again a Space-themed card. Hope you're not getting tired of those!!

I also hope you're not getting tired of my new obsession with my glass-glittered stars! I promised myself I wasn't going to use one on my next few projects, but I just couldn't help myself on this one. I had to. It was too perfect for it. The papers are from Rocket Age by October Afternoon and the Stamp Set is Half Pint Heroes by Waltzingmouse Stamps.

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Then play along with us and post your own creation using InLinkz over on today's post on Karen's Blog!

Well, that's it for now. I'll be back in just a few hours with a very special blog post, so stay tuned!! I'm also planning on making a cute little box sometime soon to hold all the little keepsake cards I've been making for Dean this year. I've been making him a special card filled with memories and thoughts on his childhood a few times a month and I think they need a fancier home than a shoebox! What do you think?


Karen Giron said...

You make the most fantastic boy cards ever!! I am in love with this little rocket ship and the star is so cute!!!

Lynn said...

This is adorable Jen! The rocket ship, the glittery star and this designer! Great card!

Vicki B. said...

Super cute boy card Jen!! That little rocket ship is adorable!!!

Lea L. said...

This is so so cute!! I just love the fun rocket, and the glittered star is a perfect accent!! And I just love the little bit of trim you've added!!

Dana White said...

This is such a perfect boys card - the star sets it off perfectly

{Colleen} said...

Super card for boys. I am always looking out for ideas (having four of my own) Will have to remember the glittered star. Very effective

Sarah-Jane Kalé said...

WOW!!!.. And what everyone else said!!!.. and then WOW!!.. Seriously I'm SO with Karen.. you really do make the BESTEST boys cards.. I think I might need to employ you to make mine!!! :D

xx SJ

Anthonette said...

Aloha Jen!
Dean is so funny; toenail fairy? LOL!

The card is fantastic. I agree with Karen; you make the best boy cards.