Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Project Life 2013, Week 38

Week 38: September 15 - September 31, 2013

Photo heavy post today because I wanted to show how I sometimes include my son's artwork and / or larger pieces of work in extra inserts. The photo above shows the full layout including the extra insert while the photo below shows the layout with the insert removed (I show closer shots of the front and back of the insert itself later in the post).

Around here, it was a busy week with both normal everyday life thrown into the mix as well as exciting, newspaper-worthy big events going on. The left side of the layout mostly covers the "normal" and is pretty self-explanatory I think. On the right I highlighted the bigger events. At work, we moved into a new clinic (I am a Physical Therapist at Kaiser) and it is a BEAUTIFUL facility. We held the traditional Hawaiian blessing ceremony complete with hula on Monday (it was an amazing ceremony and so moving). Also this week - my Mom and I started a 6-week pottery / handbuilding in clay class at the Hui and a new Grocery Store opened just a few miles from our house (this was very exciting because now we don't have to drive all the way into "town" to go to the store!! For people in Hawaii, anywhere more than a few miles, we think it's SO FAR! lol).

As for products used, of course you'll find my usual Seafoam Core Kit as well as a 3x4 Jade Textured Card. I also used several printable cards by Emily Merritt, including cards from the following kits: My Inventory, Make Today Amazing, and Hashtags No. 1. I also included some bits and pieces from Elle's Studio as extra embellishments.

My son created this super awesome watercolor on Sunday afternoon. I saved the actual watercolor for framing, but wanted to include it in my Project Life album as well. So I simply took a photo of the work and printed it out as a 5x7 (cropping the photo in as close as possible). I slipped it into a Project Life 5x7 Horizontal Page Protector and added it right to the album. When I add extra inserts to my albums, I often attach a simple Self Adhesive Index Tab to make it easy to grab the page protector to flip it over to see the back side.

Also on Sunday afternoon, my son REALLY wanted to make pizza for dinner. He was working quietly in his room and came out and handed Joel this absolutely adorable poem. Just might be one of my favorite things to make it into Project Life so far this year! And it was the perfect thing to slip into the page protector behind his watercolor photo. I love having a place to save things like this!! 

And now some stats, because I think it's fun when Elise Cripe does this, so here ya go:

Ratio of photos taken by Jen to photos taken by Joel: 7 to 2 (and 1 taken by a coworker)
Ratio of Galaxy S4 Phone Photos to "real camera" photos: 10 to 0

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Candie said...

I love your style. I am interested in the My inventory cards by emily Merrit. Are they available in PDF format so I could print them? Thanks for the help. Candie