Saturday, May 5, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 5

OK, so I really am totally caught up on my Project Life album through Week 17, but I've totally slacked with sharing it here on my blog. Mostly because it's just a pain. And I'm not really sure if anyone cares? I have to say that I absolutely LOVE this project. I think I've said that before, but now that I'm 1/3 of the way through the year I know without a doubt that I will continue doing this beyond 2012. Not only has it completely changed the way I scrapbook, but (and I know this might sound silly) it's kind of changed my life. For real. It's made me slow down and really enjoy the day to day. I appreciate all those little moments a bit more. Before when I was just scrapping the big events it felt like I was kind of missing the little stuff, sort of just floating through my daily life, waiting for the next big event, and not really appreciating the little things. But now that I'm forcing myself to really document all of those little moments I'm appreciating them so much more and find that I also appreciate my family more and am spending more quality time with them. I really think this project has helped me prioritize my time and I'm so thankful my friend Sarah convinced me to do this (even though she totally bailed on me before the year even started!). So thanks Sarah! :-)

Anyway, I'm going to share a few more weeks, starting with where I left off the last time I shared - with Week 5 - and see if anyone cares. If nobody comments or seems to give a crap, I'm not going to waste my time sharing this stuff. Initially I'm not going to post product links either because that's a lot of work. But if you want to know about specific product, leave a comment and I'll add that info. If there seems to be any interest in this, then I'll continue sharing and start adding product links.

So anyway, Week 5. January 29 - February 4, 2012. Here's a look at the 2-page spread with inserts:

It was a fun and busy week. It started out with a Birthday Party at one of Dean's friend's houses on Sunday morning followed by a trip to the Maui Pops Orchestra Sunday afternoon. A journaling card on the left-hand page told about that trip. It turned out Dean was getting sick and ended up missing school and gymnastics on Monday. I included an e-mail from Uncle Jeff at Valley Isle Gymnastics, a photo of Dean sleeping off a fever on the couch, and a photo of meds and a thermometer to document Dean's illness. There's also a picture of Dean doing some homework on the left side of the layout.

I tried something new this week as it was the end of the month of January. I burned all of my January photos onto a CD and created a little folder to hold the CD in my Project Life album. I back up my photos several ways (External Hard Drive, online backup, and burning them onto CDs) and I thought this would be a convenient way to store those CDs. Unfortunately, we're now into May and I haven't done this since January. It's on my list of to-do's. The other insert was Dean's Runner Number for the Run for the Whales. He ran in the Keiki Run (a 2k race) on Saturday and I wanted to keep his number.

And here's a look at the right-side page with the inserts removed. I documented about returning to my old tried and true self-care / beauty products that I've used since High School but can't get on Maui, Origins. (I had stopped using them because I didn't like having to order them online, but had been unable to find another natural beauty product that I was happy with, so during Week 5 I went back to Origins). There are several pictures from Dean's race in the Run for the Whales as well as a funny conversation we had on our way to the race. A filler card, a Facebook status update, some yogurtland eating, and a Week in Review finished up Week 5.

So what do you think? Do you want to see more of my Project Life? Do you want me to share the rest of it? I have 17 weeks of 2012 done and plan to continue. Please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks for stopping by!


Kim said...

This is an awesome idea! Love your pages. I would love to see more!!

Jackie Pedro said...

Keep posting! I'm living PL vicariously through you since I FAILED! LOL!

LOVE the black and white color scheme on these pages and very clever of you to make a CD of the pics! Love it, Jen!

Katrina said...

YES! Definitely keep sharing. I'm guilty of reading in Google Reader and not taking the time to comment. Like Jackie,I love the b&w color scheme. And I'm making a mental note to save race numbers this that addition!

Stephanie Kraft said...

LOVE this, Jen! Your pics are SO sweet and WTG keeping up with it! Also LOVE the idea of adding a CD of photos to your album! I hope you continue to share, too. :)

Laurie Schmidlin said...

Yes!! Jen, please keep sharing your project life photos!! I am intrigued by them and am considering starting it myself. Do you print your own photos...and if so, what kind of printer do you use? I try, but am not satisfied with my printed photos. And your idea for the CD...GENIUS!!

Nicki said...

Loving this! I am so not caught up like you are, but reading this makes me want to get back into it. Keep sharing, please.