Sunday, May 6, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 6

Thank you so much for the positive feedback about Project Life. Over the next few weeks I'll try to get caught up with sharing my PL Album pages here on the blog. When I'm feeling ambitious I'll include product links, but sometimes I won't. If there's ever anything you want to know about, just leave a comment and I'll mention the product with a link in my next Project Life post.

Week 6 - February 5 - February 11, 2012:

 This was another busy week and I really liked the way the two pages came together - lots of bright colors and lots of the "everyday" documented". Above is a photo of both pages together with the 6x12 journaling insert (it's a Cathy Zielske template from Designer Digitals). Below is a closer look at that (I'm not sure if you can actually read it, but if you click on the photo you might be able to if you care about the nitty gritty of our week). The highlights of the week were the Superbowl and booking our Disneyland vacation package (which actually happens next week!! YAY!).


This week I chose to document some of our current favorite TV shows and what we seem to be watching a lot of right now. I also included a calendar of February, a Superbowl graphic, a photo of Dean at drop-off at school as well as with a hat he made for the 100th day of school which was that week (I included a 3x4 journaling card with some extra journaling about the activities they did for the 100th day of school too). And finally a photo of Dean doing some artwork on his easel in his underwear. This kid is most comfortable in his underwear! And his "artwork" was actually just a list of alternate names for his cat - so cute!

The right side of the layout includes a Disneyland graphic - I chose something sort of retro-ish because I just liked it. I also journaled about a funny story from Joel taking Dean to get his haircut. If you can see that journaling card, you should read it. It's classic. There are also photos of Dean's library books from the week, some flowers Joel picked up from a roadside stand, Dean and I working on his Periodic Table puzzle, this month's book club pick (which I read in one sitting), and a collage of pictures from a trip to the Maui Tropical Plantation to feed the ducks and fish.

And that's about it. It was a good week and so many bits and pieces of life I would have already forgotten if not for Project Life!


Sparkle Smith said...

Such a fabulous layout!

Heidi said...

You know this is such a great idea, I wish I had done this when my kids were younger. At this point it would be a boring life. LOL!