Monday, March 31, 2008

Make a Page Monday

Ok, so since I have a major creative crush on Kristina Werner, and I LOVE her MACM (Make a Card Monday), I'm totally stealing her idea and going to start MAPM (Make a Page Monday) on my blog. This is an attempt to re-focus on getting caught up on my scrapbooking - it seems I'm a little behind since I discovered the highly addictive world of card-making 2 months ago. So, I am going to have a weekly scrapbooking challenge. If I can get my blog readers involved, maybe I will stay motivated to do at least 1 page each week (hopefully more).

Here are my pages for the day. (I JUST started doing digital pages - and these are only my 3rd and 4th pages, so bear with me as I "learn the ropes" of digital scrapbooking). In case you can't figure it out for yourselves, it's a 2-page spread. The top page is the left side, the bottom page is the right side. I just can't figure out how to get blogger to line them up next to each other! You can click on each picture to see a larger image and read the journaling (if you care). And yes, that's my sexy husband (carrying the kid-pack) and adorable son in the pics!! :-)

I created these pages in Adobe Photoshop Elements 6. I can't seem to remember where I got the background paper and some of the embellishemnts. Sorry!! Here's a list of embellishments I DO remember:

Check back each Monday as I share at least 1 new album page. Some of them will be digital, some will be paper-crafted. (I promise to do a better job of keeping track of where I get my page elements). And please share your own pages you completed this past week! Leave a comment with a link to your page. As my reader-ship (is that a word??) grows, I will include blog candy give-aways and come up with a more structured challenge each week.

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