Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sweet Sunday Sketch #135 - Finally!

OK, well here I am FINALLY with my sample card for Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge #135. First, another look at this week's sketch:

My sample card is a special one this week. I made it for my son Dean, who hit a special milestone at school on Friday. His teacher uses a Rainbow-themed Behavior Chart in the classroom in which each student has an assigned clothespin. Students begin each day in the middle of the chart, on green (Ready to Learn). Students may be asked to move their clothespin up or down the chart during the day depending on their choices. Students who make strong choices will receive class recognition as they move up the chart to Blue. Students who continue to make strong choices move up to the purple level. Students who reach the (ultimate) Rainbow Level are rewarded for their strong choices by receiving a prize and a special certificate. Dean has made it to the blue or purple level each day this month and is always happy to tell me about the strong choices he made each day that led to him getting to move his clothespin up the chart. He also is always sure to tell me which kids got moved down to the dreaded Yellow (Warning Level - Take a seat and think about the choices they're making) or Orange Levels (Students who continue to make weak choices will move to orange, this will result in a consequence). So far according to Dean nobody has made it to Red (Parent Contact). When I picked Dean up from school Friday, Dean ran out of the building with the biggest smile on his face, as soon as he got to me, he threw his backpack off and pulled out his Behavior Chart and showed me where he had colored in the rainbow for Friday! He was SO proud of himself for making it to Rainbow and being rewarded for his strong choices on Friday!! We decided to celebrate this weekend and created a couple of Rainbow-themed crafts (Thank You Pinterest!) and I made him a card to let him know how proud we are of him for being such a good boy so far in Kindergarten and for making Strong Choices at school!

I used a couple of Verve goodies on this card. All of those little hearts were created using the From the Heart die set from A Cut Above by Verve. I added the "So proud of you" sentiment from the Uplifting Phrases set. All of the patterned papers are printed digi papers from the Dream Come True kit by Julie Billingsley (Sweet Shoppe).

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And here are a couple of pictures of some of our fun Rainbow-themed crafts, both ideas we got from Pinterest.


Dawn Easton said...

Oh Jen, I am a rainbow lover and your card is fantastic! Love the layered hearts in a row! Brilliant!
Dean's projects are amazing too!

Karen Giron said...

How cute is Dean!? I love your card and how you sewed over the hearts - what a special card for your amazing little boy and his special rainbow day. So cute!

Michelle Woerner said...

How wonderful for Dean. I like the rainbow idea his school does. Our school gives out "WOWs" which my sons strive to get. What's sad is that the Kinder teachers get so overwhelmed and busy, they don't always have time to give them out leaving a disappointed little Ryan.

Anyhoo, great fun card. Love those hearts!! Hugs!

Renee said...

I'm lovin the heart rainbow! Wow this is just the cutest!

Dana White said...

OK Love your card - brilliant!! The projects are to perfect & Dean is too cute!!

Kelly Schelske said...

Oh this is fabulous Jen!

Anonymous said...

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MarvA1ix said...

Your card is great, but your story is adorable. Reminds of my second grade granddaughter coming to my house on the second day of school. I asked her if she got a nice teacher. She said, I have 2 teachers. One teaches us art and phy ed, and the other teaches responsibility and self control :) Got to love those first days of school.