Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Couple of Digital Pages

So have I mentioned I'm REALLY REALLY new to digital scrapbooking? Well, I am. But I'm having a lot of fun with it. Here's a 2-page layout I started several weeks ago and finally finished up tonight. I'm pretty happy with it. Once again, I can't get blogger to line up the photos side-by-side, so you'll just have to imagine the top pic as the left side and the bottom pic as the right side of a 2-page spread. What do you think?

I created the pages in Photoshop Elements 6. All paper & embellishments (except the stitching) is from the Smarshmallows kit which I purchased from the Shabby Shoppe. The circle stitching is from Kate Hadfield's Handsewn Neutrals kit at the Lily Pad.

I'm curious how you more experienced digital scrappers out there organize your digital elements on your computer?? Do you use ACDSee? I'm considering purchasing it and not sure. But what I have now (just saving all of my papers, embellishments, etc in different files sorted by theme or kit in "my documents") just isn't working. It takes FOREVER to go through things to pick out elements I want to use. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!


Anonymous said...

Your pages look great! I must admit, I'm a little too intimidated to try digital scrapbooking... hmm... I have Photoshop, so I should probably check it out sometime!

Anthonette said...

I've only tried digital scrapbooking a few times...I'm still trying make time to do any type of scrapbooking. Your pages, photos, and journaling of Dean are cute.

I'm still learning and experimenting with Blogger. As far as getting two photos side-by-side, try this:
* upload them as Small (so they physically fit)
* Choose a format of None (instead of Left, Right, or Center)

When you upload .jpgs with a format of None, you can drag them where you want them. I did these steps on this entry to get photos side-by-side: